FDR Drive 48th Street On-Ramp Manhattan, NY

This project required the complete demolition and replacement of the decaying 48th Street On-Ramp to the FDR Drive. The need to maintain traffic for the high-security United Nations entrance gate located within the footprint of the project and building the ramp directly above the continuously active FDR Drive presented a multifaceted scenario that DeFoe Corp. was able to conquer 4 months ahead of schedule.

The new ramp was a complete redesign incorporating new piers, abutments, structural steel and a cast-in-place concrete deck. The innovative design included curved steel and trapezoidal girders that provided smooth flowing lines and an architectural finish appropriate to its surroundings.

This project required the complete demolition of the structural steel and concrete deck. Most challenging were the fabrication and subsequent erection of the curved steel and trapezoidal girders. Cast-in-place concrete decks with integrated concrete barrier provided the final roadway surface, while a community friendly landscaping layout and an adjacent park and playground improvements completed the project.

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